Club History


Ballinagore GAA Club was formed in 1920. However, there was much GAA activity in the area prior to this development.

The first reference to the GAA in the Ballinagore area, appeared in an advertisement by the Ballinagore Agricultural Co-operative Society, in August of 1895. The society was formed in March of that year, and the members decided that holding an athletic sports day would be a good way of raising funds for the new organisation. The sports were held under GAA and ICA (Irish Cycling Association) rules, and took place at Lilliput, on the shores of Lough Ennell, on the 15th August 1895.

The committee for this event consisted of the following Co-operative Society members: George De Belle Ball Esq., (President), Francis Berry Fetherstonhaugh Esq. and Joseph Armstrong Esq., (Honorary Secretaries), Francis Berry Fetherstonhaugh Esq., (Treasurer), John Logan Esq., George E. Reid Esq., Thomas Phelan Esq., Thomas Donahor Esq., Thomas Carey Esq., Richard Kellaghan Esq., James Grehan Esq., David Grennan Esq. and Laurence Murray Esq. (Esq. or Esquire was a term used in decades past to convey respect to the professional classes, and today it is mostly replaced by Mr./Mrs. or Dr. etc. before a persons name in correspondence).

The sports came off successfully despite the failure of the official handicapper to arrive at the venue, and the correspondent from the Westmeath Examiner describes the scene at the end of the day: 'The proceedings was then brought to a close by the presentation of prizes by Mrs. Rochfort, for whom at the call of Mr. De Belle Ball, three cheers were heartily given and Mr. Mason returned thanks for Mrs. Rochfort [who donated the field] in a neat and appropriate speech'. The results of the sports were as follows: 1. 100 yards race - 1st Kelly, 2nd Reilly, 2. High jump - 1st Kelly, 5ft 1 inch, 3. Tug of war - Kilbeggan defeated Carrick 2 to 1, 4. 220 yards race - 1st P. Murphy, 2nd J. Reilly, 3rd Sutton, 5. Half mile race - 1st P. Murphy, 2nd A. Wilson, 3rd Kelly, 6. Sack race - 1st Kilkelly, 2nd Byrne, 7. Slinging 56lbs - 1st Kelly, 22ft 7 inches, 2nd Kenny, 22ft, 8. Two-oared boat race - 1st M. Joyce's 'The Bantam', 2nd McLoughlin's 'Seabird', 9. Four-oared boat race - 1st McLoughlin's 'Seabird', 2nd M. Joyce's 'The Bantam', 3rd Lynch's 'Kingfisher', 10. Donkey Race - Grehan's 'Cloister'.

The first reference to Gaelic football in the Ballinagore area is a report of a match played between the Cloneyheigue Wolfe Tones and the Kilbeggan Ramblers, which appearred in the Westmeath Nationalist on 7th May 1896. The report states the following under the heading Cloneyheigue V Ramblers: 'The return match between the above teams came off on Sunday on the Ramblers grounds. The play did not commence until after five o'clock when the Ramblers, taking possession of the ball, had a point, and afterwards kept it in their opponents territory, and after some hard tussling during fifteen minutes placed another point to their credit. Half time was then called and the Kilbeggan men asked for a short breathing space, but the Wolfe Tones were relentless and insisted on play being continued. The play that followed calls for little note, being of a give and take character. A difficulty subsequently arose with the referee over a forty yard kick which he wanted to give the Cloneyheigue men, and the Ramblers retired in a huff, refusing to continue the game. The following are the names of the teams: Ramblers - Messrs. P. Hyland, umpire, J. Gready, captain, J. Gready, B. Lowe, M. Lowe, T. Bracken, T. Mahon, B. Corcoran, T. Carey, J. Doyle, M. Hyland, J. Campbell, D. Lowe, J. Flanagan, J. Maloney, J. Kelly. Wolfe Tones - Messrs. W. King, Referee, J. Feehan, umpire, D. Flynn, J. Maloney, captain, J. Kelly, J. Reddy, Fallon, McCormack, Clavin, Connor, T. Reddy, Flynn, Crowley, Ward, Nolan, Cusack, D. Cunningham.

The Cloneyheigue Wolfe Tones were again in action in February of 1897, this time against the Lynn Mallards, located on the Mullingar side of Lough Ennell. The match was played in the nearby Townland of Stoneyford, in a field procured from a Mr. Kearney. Teams not owning their own grounds at this point, the good nature of a local farmer was essential for the playing of games, and the farmer is more often than not mentioned in reports of matches. The report  of this game states that 'The day was favourable, a gentle breeze prevailing alternately. The beauty of the day and the interest in the match attracted a large number of spectators on the scene. The match, which throughout was fast and exciting, finally terminated in a victory for the Wolfe Tones by four points to nil. The return match which was kicked on the following Sunday on the same grounds resulted as follows - 'Mallards' 1 goal 4 points to 1 point for the Wolfe Tones'.

A new county committee was set up in Westmeath in 1901 under Chairman Philip Mullally who set about creating new clubs and by 1904, 15 clubs were formed. The players from Cloneyheigue, Ballinagore and surrounding areas came together and formed a parish team, Castletown Geoghegan. This team continued to flourish and in 1919 won their first competition when they won the Westmeath Junior. The team that year was Tom Gannon, Jack Daly, Michael Fox, Michael Leogue, Paddy Gannon, Mick Munroe, Jack Kenny, Joe Ennis, Chris Ennis, Paddy Corcoran, Larry Kelly, Paddy Reilly, Jimmy Daly, Jack Gallagher, Jim Hackett, Andrew Hackett, Jim Clavin, Rabbit, Tom Boyhan and Bill Kelly.

The match was played on the 30th April 1920 and was reported on the following week in the Midland Reporter as follows: 'On Sunday last in the Horse Show Grounds, Mullingar, Longford met Westmeath in the first round of the Leinster [football] championships. Prior to the inter-county contest, the final of the junior football championship [1919] was played between Collinstown and Castletown G. Both matches provided a fine exhibition of Gaelic football, and were witnessed by a large assemblage of the followers of our Gaelic pastimes, who despite the severity of the day, travelled long distances from Westmeath and the surrounding counties to be present at the games. During the match the wind was blowing almost direct from South to North and consequently did not favour any side. After about twenty minutes play, Castletown scored a goal per Clavin. Collinstown soon after responded by a point which left Castletown leading by two points at half time. In the second moiety, Castletown had the best of the game. Owing to an accident, Collinstown lost two of their best players early in the second half hour, which naturally gave them a big set-back. However, they made a good defence. After seven minutes play, Rabbit entered a minor for Castletown, and five minutes later, Clavin, who well deserved the [sic] bestowed on him by the onlookers for his scoring, registered a major. Castletown shortly afterwards added a point and within a few minutes of the end of the game Collinstown scored a goal which left Castletown winners by 2 goals 2 points to 1 goal 1 point for Collinstown. Mr. James Reilly, Kinnegad, refereed'.

When the 1920 championship draws came  around they saw the involvement of five teams from the area. Two junior hurling teams were entered from Castletown Geoghegan in two seperate divisions. One of the teams was drawn against Moate, Rathcolman and Athlone, while the other was drawn to play Clonkill, Rathconnell and Clonlost. Castletown Geoghegan footballers, having won the junior football championship, were drawn in the southern division of the senior league championship with Kilbeggan,Tubberclair, Rochfortbridge and Bishopstown. The junior footballers of Castletown Geoghegan were drawn against Kilbeggan, Bishopstown, Moate and the newly formed Ballinagore GAA club. The Ballinagore outfit defeated Kilbeggan juniors in a championship match played at Castletown Geoghegan on the 9th May 1920. There is no further reference to the footballers of Ballinagore, and the championships of 1920 were not completed.

There were three athletic sports in succession held in Ballinagore in 1921, '22 and '23. The first two were under GAA rules, while the third was held under the jurisdiction of the newly formed National Athletics and Cycling Association (NACA), which took over the running of athletics from the GAA at this time. The results of the 1923 sports appearred in the Westmeath Examiner on 30th June and were recorded as follows: 1. 100 yards (open): 1st T. Kinahan, Clara, 2nd N.J. Fallon, Mullingar, 2. 220 yards (open): 1st N.J.Fallon, Mullingar, 2nd T. Kinahan, Clara, 3. 880 yards (open): 1st P. Corcoran, Castletown, 4. Westmeath novices cycle race: 1st L.J. Barry, Mullingar, 5. 440 yards (open): 1st A.J. Kearney, Mullingar, 2nd T. Kinahan, Clara, 6. High jump (open): 1st P. Corcoran, Delvin, 7. One mile cycle (open): 1st J. Hanrahan, Mullingar, 8. Two mile cycle (open): 1st B. Seery, Ballinagore, 2nd T. Rickard, Ballivor, 9. Three mile cycle (open): 1st B. Seery, Ballinagore, 2nd T. Rickard, Ballivor, 10. Five mile cycle (open): 1st T. Rickard, Ballivor, 2nd J. Hanrahan, Mullingar.

There was no hurling in the parish until around 1917 and some of the players were involved in both games. The Junior Hurling Championship was annexed in 1921 while the team took senior honours in 1923.

Ballinagore’s first Championship success in 1940

In the early 1920s when the parish rule was changed, Ballinagore formed their own team. There was no proper playing field at that time and training usually took place in the school field. Games were played in local farmer's fields who were willing to oblige to ensure the continuation of the game in the village. Matt Carey, Peter Claffey, Joe Cannon, John Deegan, and Pat Seery were some of the farmers who were kind enough to provide fields. However not having a club field didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the players and Ballinagore won the Junior Championship in fine style in 1940 when they defeated Mental Hospital by 1-7 to 0-3 in the final played in Cusack Park having accounted for Boher in the Semi Final played in Castletown. The score in that game was Ballinagore 0-14 Boher 0-8. The team lined out as follows: Ned Gavin, Frank Deegan, Joe Gannon, Mick Stones, Joe Deegan, Bill Daly, Joe Daly, Patsy Looram, Bill Hannon, Mick Deegan, Sonny Rodgers, Laurence Kiernan, Paddy Kelly, Paddy McCormack, Mick Casey. Subs: Jimmy Stones, Paddy Hyland, Johnny Gannon, Christy Feely and Paddy Curley.

In addition to winning the Championship in 1940, Ballinagore also won the Junior League defeating The Downs in the final having defeated Castledaly in the semi-final.

Hurling in Ballinagore

The presence of a new teacher Dan Leavy from Castletown Geoghegan who was appointed schoolmaster in Ballinagore and having a keen interest in hurling he soon had all the local youngsters wielding "camans". A hurling team was formed in the area in the mid-forties and many games were played against Castletown Geoghagan and other clubs in that period. Some hurlers who played for Ballinagore that time were: Arthur O' Rourke, Mick Gardiner, Paddy Clavin, Paddy Curley, Lar Daly, Eddie Curley, John Quinn, Pat Joe O' Niell, Jim O'Toole, Paddy Quinn, John O'Leary, Jimmy Murray, John Whelan, Peter Farrell, Barney McCormack, Jack Daly, Eugene Daly, Dan Curley and Jack Claffey. In 1948 it was decided that Castletown would run the hurling team while Ballinagore would concentrate on the football This proved to be a successful venture as Castletown were victorious in the Junior Hurling Championship in 1953 and Ballinagore reached the semi-final of the Junior Football Championship the same year. This team remained intact and ably represented Ballinagore for some time. Owing to emigration Ballinagore were unable to field a team for a couple of years in the mid 50's so the players we had played with other clubs for a short time until younger players came on the scene. Once again a team was affiliated and competed in the Junior Championship. Some of the players who played on that team included: Mick Deegan, Michael Guilfoyle, Pat Joe Kennedy, Jody Carey, Paddy Curley, Paddy Daly, Lar Daly, Roger O'Brien, Tom Guilfoyle, Bill Maloney, John Cowley, Sonny McLavin, Sean Brennan, Paddy Bolger, Christy Treacy, Paddy Robinson, Tom Bolger, Tommy Bologer, Sean Maloney, Seamus Maloney, Peter Dalton, Paddy Treacy, Jack Treacy, Dave Cooney, Ger O'Brien, Martin Linnane.

The 1960's

The team showed good progress in the early sixties and in 1963 they reached the Junior League final. Their opponent in this final was The Downs who were going for 3 in a row having won the league in 1961 and 62. This was an evenly contested game with The Downs winning it with two late goals. The following was the Ballinagore line out in the final: Jimmy Maher, Tony Linnane, Owen Heduan, Peter Dalton, JJ Gannon, Pat Jackson, George Maloney, John Cannon, PJ Berry, Paddy Fletcher, Joe Marshall Willie Carey, Jackie Daly, Lar Daly, Michael Gannon. Some other players who lined out with Ballinagre in the mid sixties were: Sean Maher, PJ Hynes, Peter Hynes, Joe Maloney, Ger Gannon, John Martin, John Carey, Sean Casey, Seamus Whelan, George Alexander, Joe Cowley, Jack Morgan, Seamus O'Brien, Dermot Garvin, Mick Garvin and Tommy Nally.

The late sixties saw the club go into cessation once again and the majority of the players from the Ballinagore area went to play with newly formed St. Malachy’s club which went onto win the Junior Championship in 1970 and Intermediate Championship in 1975.

Reformed in 1977

An increased population in the area in the mid 1970s saw the need for a GAA club in Ballinagore and in 1977 the club was reformed and hasn't looked back since. Their first success came in 1979 when they won the Father Macken Cup beating the host club Milltown in the final by 1-5 to 0-5, having beaten St Patricks/Moyvore in the Semi Final 3-5 to 0-1. The final was a close affair with substitute George Alexander getting Ballinagore's goal mid way through the second half to put his side ahead for the first time in the game. The team was: Joe Leonard, Pat Seery, Tony Linnane, Pat O'Connor, Sean Mangan, Gerry Claffey, Marty Linnane, Tom Keegan, Walter Carroll, Danny Grehan, Gerry Linnane, Jim Mahon, Jimmy O'Connor, Johnny Deegan, Kevin Reynolds. Subs used George Alexander.

First League Title

1979 also saw Ballinagore win their first league title when they defeated Bunbrosna 3-6 to 3-4 in the final played in Ballynacargy, having defeated Multyfarnhan 1-5 to 1-4 in the Semi Final. The team which played in the final was: Joe Leonard, Pat Seery, Tony Linnane, Brendan Robinson, Pat O'Connor, Gerry Claffey, Jim Mahon, Tom Keegan, Walter Carroll, Timmy O' Connor, Gerry Linnane, Marty Linanne, Danny Grehan, George Alexander, Sean Mangan. Subs used: Kevin Reynolds. Other players to play during that league campaign were Mick O'Connor, Johnny Deegan, John Brennan, Jimmy Maher, Pat Joe Hynes, JJ Gannon, Ger Maher, Jim Brennan.

Although the club reached the Junior Semi Final in 1984 loosing out to St Lomans, they had to wait until 1986 for their next success when they won the Junior B Championship Final beating Delvin 0-11 to 1-4 in the final having had an 0-8 to 0-4 victory over Garrycastle in the Semi Final. The team which played in the final was: Tim O' Connor, Michael Deegan, Sean Claffey, Ciaran Daly, Dick Nugent, Joe Leonard, Sean Mangan, Johnny Deegan (0-3), Sean Robinson, Jimmy Marshall (0-3), Paul Baker (0-1), Criostoir Ennis (0-2), Tony Robinson (0-1), Mick O'Connor, Kevin Claffey (0-1). Subs: Pat Seery, Martin Seery, Pat Claffey, Enda O'Brien, Peter Deegan, and Jimmy Maloney. Trainer: Matt Geraghty. Selectors: Pat O' Connor Snr., Martin McCann and Gerry Claffey.

Junior Champions 1986

With the Junior championship on a league system in 1986, Ballinagore started off well with wins over Multyfamban, Streete, Bunbrosna and St Joseph’s before losing out to Delvin by a point. However, wins over Loughnavalley, Castletown Finea and Shandonagh insured Ballinagore top of the table and a Semi Final meeting with Delvin. In a thrilling Semi Final, Ballinagore emerged victors on a 1-9 to 0-8 scoreline and through to a Final meeting with Shandonagh. In the final played in Cusack Park on October 1st . A low key first half saw Shandonagh lead 1-0 to0-2 at halftime. In the second half Ballinagore came more into the game and emerged convincing winners 1-9 to 1-0 to bridge a 46 year gap. Team and scorers: Stephen Brudell, Sean Claffey, Jim Mahon (Capt), Rory O'Brien, John Durkan, Pat O' Connor, Ciaran Daly, John Deegan, Gerry Claffey, Jimmy Marshall (0-1), Gerry Linnane (0-4), Kevin Claffey, John Pidgeon (1-3), Pat Deegan (0-1), Paul Baker. Subs used Christoir Ennis, Tony Robinson, and Sean Robinson. Rest of panel Mick O' Connor, Joe Leonard, Timmy O' Connor, Michael Deegan, Martin Seery, Dick Nugent, Sean Mangan, Jimmy Maloney, John Gannon, Pat Claffey, Enda O' Brien and Pat Seery.

In addition to their championship victory's in 1986, Ballinagore made it treble when they beat Delvin 4-9 to 1-7 in the Junior Cup final.

1987 saw the club compete in the Intermediate grade where they were defeated in the Championship Semi Final by Maryland 0-10 to 0-5. Off the field the club purchased a playing pitch at Cloonagh, Ballinagore for £7,700 which was levelled and sowed down in 1989.

1988 saw the clubs B team win the Father Macken Cup Final with a 3-9 to 0-7 over Ballymore. Team: Jim Maloney, Finian O'Brien, Brendan Robinson, Jimmy Maloney, Tony Robinson, Rory O' Brien, Pat Seery, Sean Robinson, Johnny Deegan, Martin Seery, Norman Maxwell, Jarlath Mahon, Stephen Brudell, Mick O' Connor, Louis Ennis. Subs: John Gannon, Gerry og Claffey, Tim O'Connor, Peter Robinson, Enda O'Brien, Cristoir Ennis, Pat Claffey, Declan Carey and John McGee.

In 1990 the club launched a lord Mayor campaign to raise funds to build dressing rooms. In the competition between Gilbert Carey, Tony Robinson and Barney Curley, Tony Robinson emerged victorious and between all the canditates they collected almost £20,000. 1990 also saw the club relegated to Junior Grade where they were beaten by Caulry in the quarter final

Three Final defeats in a row

1991 saw the club reach the Junior final again after defeating Ballynacargy 3-8 to 1-11 in the semi-final however Ballinagore were defeated in the final by newcomers Ballycomoyle by 2-6 to 1-5.

Ballinagore team: Stephen Brudell, Sean Claffey, John Durkan, Pat Seery, Jimmy Marshall, Ciaran Daly, Gerry Claffey, Brendan Robinson, Sean Robinson, Peter Robinson, Norman Maxwell, Louis Ennis, Jarlath Mahon (0-1) Rory O'Brien, Paul Baker (1-4). Subs used: Gerry Linnane, Jim Mahon and Tony Robinson. Other members of the panel : David Fee, Pat Claffey, Thomas Brudell, Martin Hand, Dermot Robinson, Martin Seery, Gordon Alexander.

Ballinagore were back in the Junior Final again in 1992 this time loosing out to neighbours Kilbeggan by 2-5 to 0-6.

1993 saw the Official Opening of Pairc an Bhodhrain. Ballinagore playing pitch and dressing rooms were officially opened by county chairman Seamus Whelan on the 15th of May with a game involving Westmeath and Mayo which Westmeath won. On the playing field, Ballinagore were once again defeated in the Junior final this time by Garrycastle 0-9 to 0-5 after a replay. However, they did receive some consolation when they won the 1993 Junior league final defeating Ballynacargy by 2-4 to 0-8 in the final. The team was: Stephen Brudell, Sean Claffey, John Durkan, Pat Seery, Jimmy Marshall, Peter Robinson, Ger Connell, Paul Seery, Brendan Robinson, Sean Robinson, Norman Maxwell (1-0), Louis Ennis, Martin Seery (0-2), Gerry Claffey (1-1), Pat Deegan. Sub used: Paul Baker (0-1).

Junior Champions 1994

Junior Champions in 1994 Ballinagore more than made up for their defeats of the previous years when they defeated Militown by 1-5 to 0-7 in the Junior final played in Athlone having overcome Ballynacargy in the semi final after a replay. Team and scorers in the Junior final were: Stephen Brudell, Sean Claffey, John Durkan, Enda McCann, Peter Robinson, Rory O'Brien, Ger Connell, Brendan Robinson (0-1) (Capt), Paul Seery, Louis Ennis, Sean Robinson, Dermot Connell, Martin Seery (0-2), Norman Maxwell (1-2), Jimmy Marshall. Sub used: Gerry Claffey. Rest of panel: Cristoir Ennis, Pat Claffey, Jim Mahon, Jimmy O'Connor, Gerry og Claffey, Gordan Alexander, Ian Seery, Michael Ennis, Vivian Doonan, Cathal Ennis, Pat Seery. Trainer: Pat Deegan Selectors: Pat Deegan, Jim Mahon and Gerry Linanne.

In addition to winning the Junior championship, Ballinagore also retained their league title in 1994 with a 0-9 to 0-8 victory over Milltown in the final and made it a treble with a 0-10 to 0-7 victory over Ballynacargy in the Junior cup final.

1995 saw the club back in the Intermediate grade again where they were beaten by St Mary’s in the quarter final. The following year the team had better luck and an impressive 1-14 to 2-3 win over neighbours Kilbeggan in the semi-final saw Ballinagore contest their first ever Intermediate final. However, it was not to be their day in the final and their opponents Ballynacargy finally got one back over Ballinagore with a 1-11 to 1-8 victory. 1997 saw Ballinagore back in the Intermediate final a 1-5 to 0-6 win over St Malachy’s in the semi-final. Once again Ballinagore renewed rivalry with Garrycastle in the final and like the Junior final of 1993 the sides finished level at the end 1-7 to O-10. The replay saw Garrycastle get two first half goals and run out winners 2-7 to 0-5.

Promoted to Division 1 of the All County Football League

1997 saw Ballinagore finish level with St Loman’s on top of the table in the Div 2 league table and in a play off game to decide which team gained promotion to Div 1. Ballinagore came out on top with a 0-14 to 1-4 victory over St Lomans to gain promotion to Div 1 for the first time ever. Team and scorers in the final: Stephen Brudell, Sean Claffey, Louis Ennis (Capt), Ger Connell, Rory 0' Brien, Peter Heraty, Enda McCann, Norman Maxwell (0-1), Peter Robinson, Martin Seery (0-2), Sean Robinson (0-1), Cathal Ennis (0-1), Cristoir Ennis (0-2), Michael Ennis (0-6), Jarlath Mahon (0-1). Subs used: Gerry Claffey, Jimmy Marshall, Breffni McHugh. Rest of panel: Alan Dalton, Conor McHugh, Gerry og Claffey, Pat Claffey, Paul O' Neill, Pat Heduan, Vivian Doonan, Danny Ward, Gordon Alexander and Michael Durkan. Trainer: Brendan Robinson. Selectors: Pat Seery and Ned Connell.

1997 Intermediate Cup Winners

1997 saw Westmeath County board run an Intermediate cup competition for the first time. Ballinagore started this competition well with wins over St Malachy’s and Kilbeggan to qualify to meet Garrycastle in the semi-final a game which Ballinagore won by 2-15 to 0-19 after extra time. The final against Maryland was played in Ballynacargy and a good first half performance saw Ballinagore turn over leading 1-6 to 0-3 and they held out to win 1-10 to 0-7 to be the inaugural winners of the Intermediate cup.

1999 saw Westmeath U21 footballers win their first All Ireland title defeating Kerry in the final and it was also a proud day for Ballinagore with their club man Michael Ennis lining out at full forward.
Relegated in 2004
A poor championship campaign in 2004 saw Ballinagore relegated to Junior ranks for 2005 after loosing to Tang in a relegation game by 9 points to 8.

Junior cup victory 2005
In August Ballinagore qualified to meet Loughnavalley in the junior cup final when they defeated St Paul’s by 14 points to 10 in Ballinagore in the semi final. The final took place in Loughnavalley on August 27th and resulted in victory for Ballinagore. Final score Ballinagore 2 – 12 Loughnavalley 1 – 5 Team Paddy Maloney, Enda Mc Cann, Louis Ennis (capt) Pat Heduan, Kieran Deegan, Peter Heraty, Peter Deegan, Stewart Gavin0-1, Marty Linnane 0-1, Cathal Ennis, Ciaran Carey0-2, Eddie Quinlan, James Durkan1-3, Michael Ennis1-3, Ger Linnane0-2, Subs used Michael Maloney, Declan Claffey, Darren Ennis, Shane Heraty, Jason Winfield.

Junior Championship 2005
In 2005 Ballinagore commenced their Championship campaign With the Following victories. 1stRd: Ballinagore 3 – 13 Delvin 1 – 6. 2nd Rd: Ballinagore 3 – 8 St Fintans/Multfarnham 2 – 8. 3rd Rd: Ballinagore 0 –12 Loughnavalley 1 – 6. 4th Rd: Ballinagore 5 – 12 Ballycomoyle 1 – 6 before they lost to table toppers St Pauls by 0 – 14 to 1 – 9 in Springfield but still qualified for the semi-finals where they defeated Ballycomoyle by 1 – 13 to 1 – 3 in St Loman’s grounds. This set up a County Final meeting against the men from Clonmellon, St Pauls once again. In the final played in Cusack Park on October 2nd an evenly contested first half saw the sides turn over level on 5 points each at the interval. The second half saw an improved performance from the Brosnasiders and a goal midway through the half ensured Ballinagore made a quick return to Intermediate ranks. Final score Ballinagore 1 – 9 St Pauls 0 – 8 Team: Paddy Maloney, Enda McCann, Louis Ennis, Pat Heduan, Eddie Quinlan, Peter Heraty, Peter Deegan, Stewart Gavin, Marty Linnane, Cathal Ennis, Ciaran Carey, Owen Miller (capt) 0-1, James Durkan 0-5, Michael Ennis 1-2, Ger Linnane 0-1, Subs used Ian Seery and Shane Heraty. 

Historic Leinster Junior Football Championship for Ballinagore in 2005

In the first round of the Leinster Junior championship Ballinagore made the long journey close to the Waterford border where they faced Carrickshock of Kilkenny and after an exciting game come home victorious By 2 – 10 to 1 – 5. This victory set up a semi final meeting against Wanderers of Dublin in Ballinagore and the Brosna men emerged victorious by 2 – 8 to 1 – 8.
In the leinster final Ballinagore were also fortunate to have home venue against Grangenolvan of Kildare. Played on November 19th Grange had the better of the opening exchanges and were 5 points to no score up after 15 minutes however the home side worked themselves more into the game in the second quarter and the half time score was 5 points to 2. An excellent second half saw the Ballinagore defence completely close down the opposition and the forwards picked off some nice points to leave the score level at 7 points each at the end of normal time and sent the game into extra time. During the extra time Ballinagore continued their dominance picking off two further points, one in each half while the opposition failed to register a score and so Ballinagore emerged victorious becoming the first ever football club from Westmeath to win a Leinster title. Team Paddy Maloney, Enda Mc Cann, Louis Ennis, Peter Deegan, Pat Heduan, Peter Heraty, Marty Linnane, Owen Miller (capt) 0-1, Stewart Gavin, Sean Robinson, Ciaran Carey, David Deegan, Ger Linnane, Michael Ennis 0-6, James Durkan 0-2, Subs used Ian Seery, Eddie Quinlan, Rest of Panel, Kieran Deegan, Shane Heraty, Declan Claffey, Jason Winfield, Mark Claffey, Darren Ennis Gerry Claffey, Danny Maloney, Paul Robinson, James Sheerin, Paul Seery, Sean Delaney. Team Trainer Sean Robinson. Selectors Liam Mc Daniel and Martin Seery.

Intermediate Football Championship 2007

2007 saw Ballinagore win their first Intermediate football championship.
Ballinagore drew with Ballymore 0-11 to 1-8 in the first round but still topped the group with the following victories, 2nd Rd: Ballinagore 0-12 Milltownpass 1- 6. 3rd Rd Ballinagore 1- 6 Maryland 0-6 . 4th Rd: Ballinagore 0-13 Ballynacargy 0-11. 5th Rd: Ballinagore 1 – 8 Castletown, Finea, Coole, Whitehall 1- 7. This set up a semi-final meeting with Tang in Castletown Geo and the Brosnasiders emerged victorious by 10 points to 7 to reach their first Intermediate final since 1997. Shandonagh who were clocking up impressive victories all season emerged from the other semi final to face Ballinagore. The final was played in Cusack park on October 29th and wind assisted Shandonagh failed to make the most of this advantage in the first half and it was Ballinagore who turned over leading at half time by 5 points to 3. Shandonagh drew level at 6 points each mid way through the second half, however it was to be their last score and Ballinagore added 3 more points to claim their first ever Intermediate title . Final score Ballinagore 0-9 Shandonagh 0-6. Team Paddy Maloney, Pat Heduan, Enda Mc Cann, Louis Ennis, Kieran Deegan, Peter Deegan, Ciaran Carey, Stewart Gavin (capt) Owen Miller 0-2, JJ Hegarty, Dan Gavin 0-1, Michael Ennis 0-2, Thomas Mc Daniel 0-2, David Deegan 0-2, Shane Heraty. Subs used, Marty Linnane, Peter Heraty, James Durkan, James Sheerin, Rest of panel: Mark Doyle, Ian Seery, Jason Winfield, Paul Maloney, Eddie Quinlan, Mark Claffey, Rory Tynan, Declan Claffey, Paul Maloney, Stephen Claffey, Michael Gannon, Gerry Claffey, Darren Ennis, Danny Maloney. Team Trainer: Gerry Feery. Selectors: John Durkan, Pat Hanrahan.
In the Leinster Intermediate club Championship Ballinagore travelled To Mullinalaghta of Longfort and defeated the home side St Columbas By 3 – 5 To 0 – 9 but lost to Suncroft of Kildare in the quarter final by 1 –8 to 0 – 10 in Ballinagore .

In 2008 following an excellent year for Westmeath Michael Ennis received an all star nomination, unfortunately he was piped for the number 5 spot by Davy Harte of Tyrone.